One comment on “Blir man BLÅ av kolloidalt silver?

  1. The main thing I’ll always remember about Paul Karason was his gracious attitude, and the charming humor he displayed when talking about his argyric skin condition.
    He openly admitted he was making highly-concentrated solutions of colloidal silver using salt as an accelerant to boost the concentration far above normal levels.

    And by his own admission he was drinking between 10 to 20 ounces per day of this highly-concentrated colloidal silver chloride solution. Indeed, he apparently did so daily for over 10 years before his facial skin began to turn blue.

    Not only that, but according to televised accounts of his colloidal silver usage, he admits he was also vigorously rubbing this concentrated colloidal silver chloride solution into his facial skin each day, in an attempt to overcome a perceived skin condition.
    Of course, a normal oral dosage of colloidal silver is about a teaspoonful, which can be taken up to several times a day when sick. And a normal concentration of colloidal silver is about 10 ppm.

    What’s more, topical usage of colloidal silver is generally limited to occasional need, such as for relief from cuts, burns, bug bites, and topical fungal and bacterial infections such as athlete’s foot, toenail fungus or even MRSA.

    So not only was this gentleman’s homemade colloidal silver far more concentrated than normal (based on the colloidal silver solution he displayed on national television, I’d estimate it was about 100 ppm or higher — i.e., 10x the normal concentration)…
    …but he was also drinking dozens of times the normal daily dosage of colloidal silver (i.e., he was drinking 10-20 ounces a day rather than a few teaspoons full per day).
    And then he also rubbed these highly concentrated silver solutions into his facial skin as well, which later turned blue.

    The lesson to be learned from Paul Karason’s life as the “colloidal silver blue man” is that excessive and abusive usage of colloidal silver does indeed have consequences, just as excessive usage of any natural substance inevitably will.


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